Carter Mason of Horticultural Designs and Installations stole $5000. from my mom

Stone Mountain, Georgia 1 comment

Carter Mason asked for an advance to do a pond repair for my, recently widowed, 74 year old mother.When she naively gave him the money he kidded her about being too trusting and said he was broke and could not buy the supplies to do the repair.

He took $5000. She pleaded with him to do the work. She called and sent email requests for him to do the work or return the money...he made two monthly installments toward repaying her.

Now he no longer returns her phone calls.Carter Mason of Horticultural Designs & Installations, INC of Georgia is a crook!



The same thing happened to my Aunt with a contractor ..

Make a police report

Have him prosecuted

Then take him to small claims court!!

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